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Your Body - Back Pain / Neck Pain / Sciatica

Back Pain or Sciatic pain

If you're reading my back or sciatic pain explanation, it's a good bet that you have pain in your lower back or radiating pain running down the back of your leg that just won't go away. If what I'm about to tell you sounds familiar, don't worry, help is on the way. In order to help get rid of your sciatica you must first know what is causing your pain... there are...

4 Conditions that Cause Sciatica... Which is Causing Your Pain?

Sciatic nerve pain is simply caused by pressure being placed on the sciatic nerve and there are primarily four things that can create this... you may have one or more of the following:

  1. Piriformis Syndrome
    The most common cause of sciatic pain is created when pressure is placed on the sciatic nerve by the piriformis muscle. Muscle imbalances pull the hip joints and pelvis out of place and this changes the positioning of the piriformis muscle, which then places pressure on the sciatic nerve.
  2. Herniated Discs
    Pressure caused by a herniated or bulging disc. A herniation is when a disc protrudes out from between the vertebrae and this can either be caused by an event like a car accident, or, by months or years of uneven pressure due to muscle imbalances. This can sometimes cause sciatic pain, but it is also important to note that many people with herniated discs don't even experience pain or symptoms, and many don't know they have the condition.
  3. Spinal Pressure is caused by a decrease in space between the vertebrae. This is primarily caused by uneven pressure and compression due to muscle imbalances.
  4. Spondylolisthesis! Which is simply when a vertebrae slips or moves... this can sometimes pinch the sciatic nerve but often people who have this condition don't have any sciatic pain, symptoms, or even know they have it!

As you can see, there is a trend here...

In Nearly Every Case Of Sciatica, Muscle
Imbalances Are The Primary Cause Of The
Pressure Being Placed On The Sciatic Nerve...

If you are not sure which one of the four is causing your sciatica, I recommend you have a consultation to ascertain which of the four conditions may be causing you the pain.

Neck injuries

Whiplash and head aches

A major cause of neck injury is commonly known as whiplash, which occurs when the neck is rapidly extended and then flexed, typically in a road traffic accident when a vehicle is run into by another vehicle from behind. Ligament, bone and muscles injuries, may result in chronic pain if not addressed quickly.

Signs and symptoms

Pain may be felt in the cervical region, especially during movements, with the possibility of pins and needles and numbness radiating down the arms.

As there are a lot of nerves around the cervical (neck region) it is also possible that you may experience head aches, this is simply where the nerve root is being compressed by either the narrowing of the joint space or as a result of the surrounding neck muscles tightening up and going into spasm.

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