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Ross Knevett Sports Injury/Massage Clinic Colchester

clinic2015 and new beginnings. The sports injury and massage clinic has now moved to Play Golf, Bakers Lane, Colchester. A fantastic new light and airy clinic with great facilities and parking.

Once you arrive at Playgolf a receptionist will meet and greet you and show you where you could take a seat before your scheduled appointment.

The clinic boast a fully equipped treatment room with state of the art equipment and electric couch. The rooms comprise of fully functional heating and air conditioning units which will keep you at a comfortable temperature throughout your treatment.

We are aware of the concerns which people might feel regarding the type of treatment and the need to adjust or remove their attire, so all our therapists adopt a towel technique policy so superior so as to protect your modesty and to keep you comfortable at all times.

Whilst most of our work is undertaken at the clinics, we also understand the need for home visits, which is on an individual basis. We carry out work with national and international athletes and offer a sporting event clinic which is completely portable so as not to lose the quality and professionalism of the treatment which you would come to expect within the clinic.

History has seen the Sports Injury Clinic origins in 2001 based at Fitness First, Colchester. The second clinic opened in November 2010 at Clarice House Spa and fitness centre on the outskirts of colchester. 2011 saw some changes with both clinics relocating. Firstly the flagship, Colchester, relocating to Potentia Performance and the clinic within Clarice House moving to Fitness 364, Chelmsford.

PlayGolf - Colchester

Colchester is the Clinic’s home site, based within Play Golf. As well as the golf course and the driving range, Playgolf has specialist equipment & the professionals to use it & offers all aspects of fitness with these highly trained professionals delivering their expertise to assist a large variety of clientele achieve those results!

Event Clinic

The Ross Knevett Sports Injury Clinic not only works within the clinical environment but also goes out to work onsite at events.
More about our event clinics

What Our Clients Say

Ross can only be described as a miracle worker! After seeing numerous so-called professionals in back care I was recommended to Ross to take a look at my long-term back problem.

Within minutes Ross had diagnosed a muscle twist in my back. For years I had seen physios, GPs, an osteopath and chiropractor, yet known of them attempted to find out the root cause of the problem, instead choosing to 'blindly' treat me.

Once Ross had worked out what was causing my back pain he set about eradicating the twist from my back, which I am pleased to say has since gone. In just a few visits Ross had achieved what I thought was the impossible and what no other back care 'expert' had been able to achieve.

As well as having a professional and friendly demeanour, Ross clearly is an expert in his field. He explains everything in clear English so I understood what the problem was and what he had done to cure it. Unlike others I had seen, refreshingly Ross was more interested in resolving my back problem than relieving my wallet. The amount of treatments I had was just enough to fix the problem and no more. I asked several times whether I should come back next week and was told there was no need, as the twist had gone and that further treatment would be un-necessary.

I would whole-heartedly recommend Ross Knevett and have done to at least 3 friends and family members and will gladly continue to do so. If you have pain or muscle injury of any kind I would urge you to see Ross and get expert treatment that really works. Darren Bewley

I see Ross regularly at his Colchester Clinic. I was in constant pain with an injury. I could hardly walk. Now I can honestly say thanks to his treatment I am virtually pain free!! My quality of life has improved greatly. I am even able to attend a gym as part of my rehabilitation. Without Ross I do not believe I would be where I am today. I only wish I had found him sooner. I highly recommend him. Mrs Weavers.

"The way Ross explains and shows you your condition, in laymans terms, using the charts and models in his clinic is a testament to his own knowledge and understanding at all levels, whether with his international athletes or to a complete non sporting person you all ways leave his clinic with a clear picture in your own mind of what the mechanisms of the injury is and more importantly, home care advise to help prevent it from happening again." - Mrs. Taylor